What to Expect Next from Nikon ? (April 2019)

What to expect next from Nikon in the second half of 2019 to early 2020 ? Here is a roundup rumors of upcoming Nikon cameras and lenses. Currently there are a total of 5 new Nikon camera codes got registered, this means there will be at least 5 new Nikon cameras coming in 2019 to 2020.

  • N1838
    • Digital camera
    • Equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1
    • AC adapter: EH-73P
    • Same radio parts as W100 and KeyMission 80
  • N1845
    • Digital camera
  • N1847
    • Digital camera
  • N1849
    • Digital camera
  • N1850
    • Digital camera

Rumored Nikon cameras:

via: NR

  • Stefan Weilhartner

    i hope other manufacturers can make z-mount lenses and speak the z-mount communication protocol for implementing a good focus etc.
    i don’t know if nikon developed some kind of crypted communication so that lenses has to authenticate themselves before the communication is possible.

    • waterengineer

      Don’t expect Nikon to play nice with the third party lens makers. Nikon never has. Tokina/Sigma/Tamron will have to be smart and reverse engineer they AF firmware, as always. That will take time.