Upcoming Nikon Mirrorless Camera Rumored to Have Z-mount (16mm Flange Focal Distance)


According to recently rumors on NR, the upcoming Nikon new mirrorless cameras are rumored to have a new lens mount called Z-mount. The Z-mount is designed for Nikon full frame mirrorless cameras.

Here is some info of rumored Z-mount specs:

  • Designed for full frame mirrorless cameras
  • External diameter: 49mm
  • Flange focal distance: 16mm

Compared to Nikon F-mount and Sony E-mount:

Nikon F-mount

  • External diameter: 44 mm
  • Flange focal distance: 46.5 mm (more info on flange focal distance can be found here)

Sony E-mount:

  • External diameter: 46.1 mm
  • Flange focal distance: 18 mm

via: NR

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  • Pat Dooley

    Nikon should go with the Sony E-mount and expand the lens universe for both brands.

  • Ricardo Boks

    a 49mm mount covers easily sensors of 44mm x 33mm is it a future option for Nikon to go for also beyond 24mmx36mm sensors??

  • Stefan Weilhartner

    i guess with this mount it is also possible to develop 85mm f/1.2 lenses that was not possible on classic nikon F-mount cause of the small diameter.
    i guess they would also come up with an adapter to use the old f-mount lenses also.

  • cats mao

    personally I don’t really care about the change that much as long as there is a FIRST PARTY adapter for the lens to reduce issues with AF third party adapter just cant compete in theory