Nikon N1932 Registered at FCC

The Nikon camera code N1932 now registered at FCC. Above is the size info about Nikon N1932 camera.

From Nokishita:

Nikon’s unpublished digital camera “N1932” has passed FCC certification. Equipped with Wi-Fi (11a/b/g/n/ac) and Bluetooth 4.2. If the orientation of the antenna is the same as Z7 etc., the width of the main body is around 140.6 mm, the height is 68.5 mm or more (EVF part etc. are not included), the thickness is 36.6 mm or more (grip part and lens part etc. are included). Not in).

Nikon Registered Two New Camera Codes: N1929 & N1932

According to Nokishita Camera, Nikon has just registered two new camera codes N1929 and N1932 in Russia. These two new camera codes are registered along with Nikon Z50, could be DX Z-mount mirrorless cameras: Nikon Z30 and Nikon Z70 ?

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