Rumors on Nikon Z3, Z5, Z9, D5700, D7600 and More

Nikon currently has a total of 5 new camera codes got registered, this means we will see at least 5 new cameras in the near future. Below are some new rumors on upcoming Nikon cameras.

  • Nikon Z3: Rumored to be announced in 2020, an entry-level DX mirrorless camera with fix LCD screen, 24 or 26 MP sensor, one micro SD card slot only, probably no EVF, very compact.
  • Nikon Z5: Rumored to be announced in 2019, 30-32 MP APS-C sensor, similar body to the Z6, dual card slot (XQD and micro SD)
  • Nikon Z9: Development announcement could be as early as in this summer. High-end Z-mount full frame mirrorless camera, dual card slots.
  • Nikon D5700 & D7600: Rumored to be announced in the second half of 2019.

via: NR

  • redhed17

    Just a few thoughts, Micro SD! Really! Be very careful where you change those cards. :-/ Stay away from long grass. 😉 lol

    No EVF Z3! Mmm. (“fixed” LCD btw ;-))

    Seems odd to be potentially doing two different DX sensors.

    A Z9 will have a big target to try and equal/beat in the Sony a9, which you would think may be onto the 2nd version around the same time, which could be an even larger target

    It will be interesting to see how a D5700 and D7600 turn out, if there would be anything new, or indeed will they take stuff , as they have done from some of their previous models in the past.