Nikon Z8 & Z9, a Total of 5 High-end Z-mount Mirrorless Cameras in Testing !

According to latest rumors, Nikon currently is testing a total of 5 high-end different Z-mount mirrorless cameras, all these Z-mount cameras are pro body design, including upcoming Nikon Z8 and Nikon Z9. Here are rumored specs for some of these Z-mount mirrorless cameras:

  • 60 MP image sensor, 16 bit A/D model with a 5.76 MP viewfinder, 120 Hz refresh rate (Similar for the D850 replacement D880 without the EVF).
  • The next test model has fewer megapixels and it’s designed for sport, same 5.76 MP 120 Hz viewfinder, very high frame rate (>20 fps), stunning AF tracking (better than the D6).
  • The third model has a 46 MP sensor, 20 fps, the viewfinder is also 5.76 MP with a 120 Hz refresh rate.

via: NR