Nikon Z6 Image Quality & Dynamic Range Tested at dpreview & Photonstophotos

The Nikon Z6 full frame mirrorless camera is expected to be released on November 30th. You can pre-order now at B&H Photo/Adorama/Amazon. Both dpreview and Photonstophotos has tested the image quality and dynamic range of Nikon Z6 camera:

From dpreview:

The results of the Z6 and 50mm S lens are impressive, with consistent performance across the frame. The anti-aliasing filter appears a bit stronger than the Sony a7 III, which means a bit less detail but less occurrence of false color.

While fine detail isn’t as well preserved at low ISO or at high ISO as the best of its peers, the Z6 generally strikes a nice balance between noise and detail. Low light Raw performance is competitive with the best of its peers, which is to say it’s essentially class leading.

PhotonsToPhotos also published their Nikon Z6 sensor dynamic range measurements. Here are the dynamic range comparison for the Nikon Z6 Vs. Nikon Z7 Vs. Nikon D850 Vs. Nikon D750. It seems that Nikon Z6 has the best Dynamic range at high ISO.

  • Stefan Weilhartner

    wow. the low noise and low moire color fringing is impressive. class leading is the right word for it.
    i just need real life tests with old glass from other companies. i have some sigma (art) lenses that i do not want to give away. also there is no alternative in the same price range for them. so i will carefully watch out for real life tests.

  • Stefan Weilhartner

    btw. i am a huge fan of an analog low pass filter. if the high frequencies suffer from it, it is possible to boost them digitally. but it is not possible to correct the moire effect digitally when you don’t have an analog filter. so from that side i think nikon did a really great job.