Nikon Z50 Interview by AmateurPhotographer

AmateurPhotographer UK has interviewed with Nikon UK managers talking about recently announced Nikon Z50 (B&H Photo Video/Adorama/Amazon) and upcoming Nikon plans in the near future.

Here are some highlights of this interview:

  • In order to reduce the size and weight of Nikon Z50, Nikon use optical Vibration Reduction technology instead of IBIS.
  • Nikon will continue to review consumers needs to release more DX Z-mount lenses.
  • Nikon will run both systems (DSLR & Mirrorless) alongside each other.
  • Nikon is trying to expand the Z users base and will continue to develop products across the whole range (From entry-level models to high-end models). Nikon will also focus closely on mid to high end product development.
  • To make Nikon Z50 more smaller, Nikon don’t use USB Type-C port.
  • Nikon Z 50 is handheld for vlogging. It was the best compromise for the design.
  • Nikon’s strategy is all about giving the best of both worlds, so if users want great DSLRs they can go down that route, or if they want great mirrorless cameras they can go down that route as well. We expect to be investing in DSLR and mirrorless for the future.
  • The standout feature of Nikon Z50 is the sharpness you get from images and high image quality, combined with our EXPEED 6 image processor that’s inherited from the Nikon Z 6. All of this technology, including an excellent low-light performance, in a really small compact body is great to have.

via: AP