Nikon Z30, Z5, Z8 Rumored to be Announced in 2020

Nikon hasn’t announced any new Z-mount mirrorless cameras in 2020 yet. According to latest rumors, there could be at least three Z-mount mirrorless cameras to be announced in 2020. See the details below:

  • Nikon Z30: An entry-level DX Z-mount mirrorless camera, it will not have built-in EVF. Price and specs below Nikon Z50.
  • Nikon Z8: A pro level or high-end full frame Z-mount mirrorless camera. Specs will similar to Nikon D880 (D850 replacement). To compare with upcoming Canon EOS R5 ?
  • Nikon Z5: An entry-level full frame Z-mount mirrorless camera, to compare with Canon EOS RP. Price around $1,000.

via: NR