Nikon will Make Z Lenses Faster than f/0.95 for Z Series Mirrorless Cameras !

NIKKOR Z 58mm f/0.95 S Noct Lens

According to latest interview with engineering management team of Nikon Z series mirrorless cameras by Imaging-Resource. In the near future, Nikon may release new Z-mount lenses faster than f/0.95 for the Z series cameras. This is a good news for Nikon Z series users.

From Imaging-Resource:

The amazing f/0.95 aperture of the coming 58mm lens is the starting point for super-aperture lenses, versus an end point! When I mentioned the f/0.95 aperture as a goal for the new mount, Mouri-san said that their goal was actually more ambitious than that, and that the 58/0.95 lens was just a “current point”.

Pre-order new Nikon Z mirrorless systems:

  • Stefan Weilhartner

    i hope that sigma/tamron/samyang etc. can figure out how the communication on the z-mount works as fast as possible so they can produce native z mount lenses.
    the lenses from nikon will be expensive. good for nikon to protect their system but not good for the customer. and on the other side having cheaper lens options from other companies makes the nikon z bodies more attractive.
    i will buy the nikon z6 including the ftz adapter and then i wait for prices to drop at the side of the lenses. also the prices of the second hand f-mount lenses will drop. that will also be an interesting thing to buy fine old lenses.

    • Anders von Brömssen

      Nikon has no interests in not producing the best prime lenses ever made affordable for most people. Why couldn’t they produce the highest quality lenses instead of Sigma, Samyang and Tamron?
      Because history tells us that Sigma/Tamron/Samyang lenses always have to be better? I don’t think so, that’s history. I think they will produce nothing but the best for the future.
      Eventually we will see how genius the Z concept really is …

    • Thomas H. Salmon

      The cheaper lenses will be crappy, and just like now. Users of them will miss out on in-camera distortion correction and the assurance of compatibility with future Nikon models and upgrades. I’ve learned my lesson about buying third party lenses.