Nikon is Also Thinking of Cheap Zxx & Zxxx Mirrorless Cameras

According to DC Watch’s article about recently announced Nikon Z series mirrorelss system, Nikon is also thinking of release cheap Nikon ZXX & ZXXX mirrorless cameras in the future. Nikon ZXX & ZXXX will probably be the new DX mirrorless cameras like Sony a6000 series cameras.

Translated From DC.Watch:

  • It seems that Nikon not only concentrates on high value added but thinks that it is not enough. As a product that is more easily reachable, for example, it seems that Z2 digits and 3 digit products are also considered.
  • The Z mount is said to be compatible with high-speed large-capacity communication between the body and the lens in anticipation of future changes. Bandwidth is private and its broadband is used and we only have to imagine what kind of information will be exchanged between the lens and the body, but for the future anyway, even if we feel useless now, It is important to make an information highway.
  • It does not matter whether the Z mount relies on the body side for all the camera shake corrections, but in the telephoto lens etc. correction on the lens side and correction on the body side cooperate with each other. It seems to be a broadband connection for such a case.
  • The lens interchangeable camera market is said to peak in 2013, and it is shrinking to 50% in 2017. However, the market for cameras equipped with a domestic full size sensor revitalized, although it was depressed in 2016, it is increasing in 2017. It seems that there are also survey results that 3 people in 4 people use full size when you get into the picture, of which 40% are shifting to full size within 2 years.

via: DI & DC.Watch