Nikon Interview: We will Move Faster on Z-mount Cameras and Lenses

French website Phototrend had a chance to interview with Nikon manager, talking about recently announced Nikon D6(B&H/Adorama/Amazon), upcoming Nikon Z-mount mirrorless cameras and lenses. You can see the full interview here.

Highlights from Nikon interview:

  • Nikon will continue to promote F-mount and Z-mount systems to meet the demands of more users.
  • DSLRs still have the upper hand over hybrid cameras in sports and press photography.
  • Nikon plan to expand our entire Z-mount system, including the lens range.
  • Nikon will meet the needs of hybrid photographers who take not only still images, but also video.
  • DX format (APS-C) hybrid cameras are an important category for providing a portal for amateur photographers.
  • Nikon believe that the expression capabilities enabled by the level of optical performance available only from the Z-mount system will appeal to professional users.
  • Nikon plan to move faster on the schedule presented with the introduction of the Z mount system for expanding the range of lenses.
  • The demand for a faster release of an f/2.8 trinity is particularly strong. Currently Z 70-200mm f/2.8 VR S lens is still out of stock everywhere.
  • A lot of demand for pancake type lenses for Z-mount.
  • Nikon will continue to make improvements to Z system through firmware updates.
  • D6 was developed primarily for sports and press photographers.
  • Nikon will continue to develop and offer products that meet the needs of customers.