Nikon Interview at Imaging Resource: Nikon will Keep Launching Surprising or Exciting Products One after Another !

Similar as dpreview’s Nikon CP+ interview, Imaging Resource also has an interview with Nikon executives at CP+ 2019. Below are highlights of this interview:

  • Nikon don’t expect ILC market will drop by half as Canon & Fujifilm thinks.
  • Nikon would like to keep growing and maintaining the size of the business onward through providing a stable [quality] service to our customers.
  • This is a pure proof of people’s enthusiasm for the mirrorless market. So we would like to keep launching surprising or exciting products one after another. Full-frame products have been launched by our competitors and ourselves as well. So that has given the momentum to the market as a whole. We would like to keep this momentum going.
  • The Z-mount is actually a great contributor to the downsizing of the camera, of the mount itself, and in pursuing high-performance optical functions, as well as enabling the filter attachment.
  • Z 14-30mm f/4 S lens is the clearest example I’ve seen of how the new large-diameter / short flange-distance of the Z-mount helps lens design
  • Z-mount has improved the autofocus accuracy and performance. Especially with the 70-200mm f/2.8, users will be able to experience very high speed, accurate and high resolution performance by using this particular product. Even if you have a super telephoto or macro lens, you can still enjoy the same level of benefits or advantages.
  • All the S-Line lenses have been designed, always considering video-oriented. New f 2.8 zooms will also have less or no focus breathing.
  • Nikon would like to also focus on the F-mount body and lenses, while keeping a close eye on the market trends. So we’ll try to optimize our resource allocation.
  • As for the Z-mount 400mm or 600mm lenses, these are obviously for professional usage and of course, there’s scope for further examination of that market. However, the order of launching new products into the lineup totally depends on the balance of the body launch timing, and also what kind of functions we can actually provide to our end users. We would rather refrain from commenting exactly when in fact such things can happen.”
  • Nikon is working to make the autofocus in mirrorless Z cameras as good as the Nikon D5: “We are in the middle of the process of trying to catch up with the tracking functions that the D5 currently provides.”