Nikon Interview at CP+ Show 2018

nikon cp+ show

French Website Focus-numerique has made an interview with Nikon’s optical engineer: Satoshi Yamazaki at CP+ Show 2018. From the interview, Nikon optical engineer said that 100MP Nikon full frame sensor is possible, and it is still hard to say that upcoming Nikon full frame mirrorless camera will use Nikon F-mount lenses or not.

From Satoshi Yamazaki:

100MP Nikon full frame sensor is possible, diffraction and other issue need to be solved:

It will be possible! Diffraction is governed by physical laws and this phenomenon can not be eliminated only with optical technologies. We consider that on this point, a numerical correction is effective. What is very important for Nikon is that the use of digital corrections is not governed by technical constraints on a goal, but only to mitigate phenomena that we can not optically avoid.

Currently it is still hard to say whether Nikon full frame mirrorless camera will use Nikon F-mount or with adapters:

Nikon launched the F mount 60 years ago. We have already sold 100 million goals. We have massive users who are already using our F mount lenses. Think of them. Nikon lens enthusiasts are very precious to us. In any case, it is difficult to answer your question clearly.

Nikon currently is use optical stabilization, and is working on sensor stabilization:

Nikon currently only uses optical stabilization. One of the problems of sensor stabilization, the sensor may no longer be exactly on the image plane of the camera and the image can lose precision. As we explained, we are not deploying new technology without being certain of its reliability and usefulness. Please wait, because we are developing this technology that will be used in the years to come.