Nikon D760 Rumored Specs, Coming in Q1 of 2020

Here are some new rumored specs of upcoming Nikon D760 full frame DSLR camera. According to NR, Nikon D760 will be officially announced in Q1 of 2020. D760 will become the entry-level full frame DSLR camera.

  • Expect the Nikon D760 release in Q1 of 2020
  • The D760 will become the entry level FX DSLR model
  • Rear button layout to change to match D500/D810 (AF-On button on the rear)
  • The number of AF points will increase but it will not be 153 points dynamic-area AF – probably in the range of 65 to 70 AF points
  • Big improvement in video quality
  • AF low level will be improved
  • Two memory card slots

via: NR

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  • Tom Lutz

    and the COST of the d760 will be ??

    • Léo Galenski

      Well the D750 is roughly around 1500/1600€ right now on Amazon and some other websites. So around that price I assume? Hitting shelves and being all new and clean I assume it will have a bump for a while, then replace the D750. I want to upgrade so good thing I checked out that potential release.