Nikon D6 Coming in 2019

The rumored Nikon D5 successor Nikon D6 will be officially announced in 2019.Nikon has already registered a trademark “D6” in US:

D6 Trademark Information

Cameras; digital cameras; rechargeable batteries for cameras and digital cameras; battery chargers for cameras and digital cameras; straps for cameras and digital cameras; caps for camera bodies; hot shoe covers for cameras; computer software comprised of electronic instructional manuals for digital cameras; computer software for editing and managing of photographs and movies; computer software for transferring photographs and movies from a camera or memory card to a backup folder; computer software for uploading photographs and movies to an image storage and sharing service; computer software for adding GPS data to photograph and movie files; computer software for posting the locations of photographs and movie files on a world map using GPS data; camera lenses; lens caps for cameras; eyepiece caps for cameras; eyecups for cameras; USB cables; audio video cables; LCD monitor covers; eyepieces for cameras; ferrite cores for cameras; terminal covers for stereo mini plug cables; battery chamber covers for cameras; prerecorded compact discs featuring instruction manuals for cameras; electronic publications, namely, downloadable instruction manual for digital camera; cases for cameras and digital cameras.

via: NR

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