Nikon Confirmed to Release Many New Products in 2021

During the CP+ 2021 online presentations, Nikon general manager Mr. Satoshi Yamazaki confirmed that Nikon is going to release many new products in 2021.

From (Translated):

  • We are still challengers at Mirrorless, so we would like to take on various challenges.
  • Among them, the Z mount system is considered to be a system with great potential for new creation because it is a large diameter short flange back.
  • Taking advantage of this mount system, we would like to evolve the body and lens and develop products that will impress our customers.
  • We plan to release many new products this year as well.

We can expect Nikon to release Nikon Z8, Z9, Z1 cameras to compete with Sony a1, Canon EOS R5, Sony a7S III and more.