Interview: Nikon will Make their Own Design Full Frame Mirrorless; Df 2 in Developing

Nikon Full Frame Mirrorless Concept
Nikon Full Frame Mirrorless Concept

In a recently interview with Tetsuro Goto from Nikon by Chinese website Xitek. Tetsuro Goto talked about upcoming Nikon Df successor and Nikon full frame mirrorless cameras.

He said that they are working on Nikon Df 2, it will be much thinner and smaller, and will have a lot of improvement than original Df, there could be two version of Df successor, one use D5 sensor, the other use D850 sensor. But if you need Df, just buy now, Df 2 is not near.

And when talking about Nikon’s new mirrorless cameras, he said that it should be a full frame mirrorless camera, because full frame is trend, and Nikon will not copy any other companies’ design of mirrorless cameras, Nikon full frame mirrorless cameras will have their own DNA.

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From Xitek:

Q: Here I ask some questions about Df, many users feel this year is Nikon 100 anniversary, Df as a landmark model, why this year did not launch Df follow-up models?

A: In fact, as you said, we also heard a lot of hope Df follow-up machine sound, they hope that Nikon will be able to launch in the 100 anniversary of the more heavy models, including Df 2. Of course from the company’s point of view, there are company ideas, and now Df this product if the sales did not have a substantial increase, then to develop the second generation of Df, then input and output is also a problem, need to consider this matter. In fact, despite the Df rave reviews, but the overall sales point of view, and no praise so good. If we don’t buy the Df now, it’s hard to expect a Df successor. If you like Df, please buy it now.

A: You said some of the views, many places I have the same feeling. Df is the introduction of a listing of the problem, hoping to launch such a product as soon as possible, which is the overall design of the integration of the D4 main components (such as CMOS), did not make the current level of customer satisfaction. Of course, now our other products, such as D850, D7500 body has done very thin, if we launched the second generation, then, will certainly achieve the purpose of thin body thickness, to meet customer requirements. If we now introduce Df follow-up products, integration D5 and D750 of the technology, will certainly be able to achieve thin body thickness, smaller demands.

A: In fact, high pixel with high sense, high dynamic range of opposites, high pixel and then it is very high to do it is difficult to do it. Why D4 was used at that time, because his pixel is not high, but the high sense of performance is very good. Then in the future if you go to consider, in order to improve the pixels, 24 million -3000 million, I think more moderation, or use the D5 sensor, D5 sensor high sense is very good, or is the use of D850 sensor. If in order to meet the needs of more users, you can consider the introduction of two versions, one is D5 version of a D850 version, D5 version of the pursuit of high sense, D850 version of the pursuit of high pixels. But the continuous shooting speed, like 10 per second will not put this feature into, I will not put the video into, if the market to sell the features are put into it, then it with the market on the camera What’s the difference? At that time in the design of Df is also considered not to meet all the people to do, but to meet the needs of a small number of small customers, this camera has some unnecessary features all abandoned.

A: the current trend of the camera, full-frame is a direction, if Nikon to do no anti-sure will be full-frame, we must consider doing full-frame.

A: First of all, your problem we split into two, on the sensor, like D5 sensors are all designed by Nikon own, of course, when the production to other companies, then they have the design capacity you can give others to do, a last resort Consider (to do it yourself). In addition, from the customer base, Nikon’s entire coverage of the crowd is very wide, from the primary, enthusiasts, senior to professional users, then this is the biggest advantage of Nikon, like Olympus, Sony, Fuji they can cover Just a small part of the real professional people to use their camera, has not yet seen. Their customer base is limited, it is in the development of products, even if it is retro version, it is only to meet some of these people’s preferences, they can only do so to the extent. The original customer base is limited to R & D to consider the surface, depth, breadth is certainly limited.

In addition, as you have just said Bocaizhongzhang, take a good place to integrate into the Nikon, Nikon will not do so, of course, we will refer to good things, mainly behind some technical things, as the appearance, The entire design style, function set, Nikon will never refer to several of their products, because Nikon manufacturing camera from the history of view, almost 60 years, in the 60 years, from the previous Nikon and a variety of users To communicate and listen to them a lot of views, after 60 years of Nikon in fact the whole customer base, the understanding of the customer, the understanding of the camera has reached a far more than their level. Assuming that we will launch no anti-camera in the future, we will not like them, such as all of a sudden a lot of products, we will lock the customer’s most important demands to launch the product.

You can read full interview at Xitek.