Interview: Nikon now Focus on Middle-range & High-end Cameras

LensVid has interviewed with Nikon Europe’s vice president. They talked about recently announced Nikon D6 and their upcoming plan. Below are some highlights of this interview:

  • We have seen that there is still a need for better quality images and videos from users that smartphones won’t be able to deliver. These demands typically come from the mid-level and high-end users and that is where our focus lays in the future.
  • The D6 has the best AF system among Nikon cameras. The D6 has a high reputation especially among sports, wildlife, and press photographers because of its improved speed and AF precision powered by the new AF system.
  • Nikon D6 doesn’t need in-body stabilisation because the main target users of the D6 are sports, wildlife and press photographers, who use the Optical viewfinder in most cases.
  • Nikon D780 has took the live view AF technology from the Z6/Z7, and D6 didn’t because the main target audience of the D6 is sports, wildlife and press photographers, and in most cases, they use the optical viewfinder.
  • The SnapBridge app has been updated regularly and now has the highest rating among camera manufactures’ apps.