Confirmed: Nikon D850 Sensor is Made by Sony

d850 sensor There are a lot of talk about the sensor of popular DSLR camera Nikon D850(B&H Photo/Amazon/Adorama). Now according to, the sensor of Nikon D850 camera is IMX309AQJ, which is made by Sony. Translated from

It turns out that ~IMX309AQJ, Definitely Sony! Unlike previous power and signal separation designs, the D850cmos interface integrates power and control signals. This package, it is easy to think of the IMX193 Nikon D5600, yes, this is the new AQJ package, compared to the D5300/5500 AQK package. The pursuit of the ultimate in picture quality results in the D850, high-resolution, high-speed transmission, and no on-chip phase focusing pixels. This is an excellent cmos, and the Nikon D850 will also be an excellent SLR camera.

via: NR