Is this First Leaked Photo of Nikon Z8 ?

According to latest rumors by How2fly, he has just posted first leaked photo that could be upcoming Nikon Z8 full frame mirrorless camera. He said Nikon Z8 is basically a Z9 without vertical grip, Nikon Z8 will share same 45.71MP sensor and EXPEED 7 processor as Z9. As rumored before, Nikon Z8 will be officially announced in August, stay tuned.

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Nikon Rumored to Announce A New Full Frame Mirrorless Camera this Year (Z8 ? Z7 III ? Z6 III ? Z4 ?)

Along with soon to be announced Nikon Z30 APS-C Z-mount mirrorless camera, Nikon is also rumored to announce a new full frame Z-mount mirrorless camera later this year. Currently, there is no info about which full frame mirrorless camera will be announced, you can take a look at rumored Z-mount full frame mirrorless cameras below:

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Nikon Has Registered Two New Camera Codes

According to Digicame-Info, Nikon has just registered two new camera codes: N2120 and N2121, and a new memory card code: N2123.

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Nikon N2014 & N2016 Camera Codes Registered !

According to Nokishita, Nikon has just registered two new camera codes in Russia. These two new camera codes are N2014 and N2016. As Nikon interview at CP+ 2021, Nikon will announce many new products in 2021. So these two new camera codes could be upcoming Nikon Z1 or Z8/Z9. Stay tuned for more info.

Nikon Rumored to Announce 8K Flagship Mirrorless Camera in this Spring/Summer

Recently, Sony has announced the flagship full frame mirrorless camera Alpha a1, according to rumors, Nikon is also ready to release their flagship full frame mirrorless Z-mount camera in this Spring/Summer. To compete with Sony a1 and upcoming Canon EOS R1.

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Nikon Z8 & Z9, a Total of 5 High-end Z-mount Mirrorless Cameras in Testing !

According to latest rumors, Nikon currently is testing a total of 5 high-end different Z-mount mirrorless cameras, all these Z-mount cameras are pro body design, including upcoming Nikon Z8 and Nikon Z9. Here are rumored specs for some of these Z-mount mirrorless cameras:

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Nikon Z8 & Z9 Could Feature with 60MP & 14fps, D880 Coming in 2021

According to latest rumors, along with upcoming Nikon Z6S and Nikon Z7S, Nikon may also announce a new higher-end/flagship full frame mirrorless camera in late 2020 to early 2021. The name of this new camera could be named Nikon Z8 or Z9.

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Nikon Interview: We will Move Faster on Z-mount Cameras and Lenses

French website Phototrend had a chance to interview with Nikon manager, talking about recently announced Nikon D6(B&H/Adorama/Amazon), upcoming Nikon Z-mount mirrorless cameras and lenses. You can see the full interview here.

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