Update: Leaked “Nikon Z1” Image is One of the Nikon Z6/Z7 Prototypes

The leaked “Nikon Z1” image is one of the Nikon Z6/Z7 prototypes from Nikon official website. You can see all Nikon Z6/Z7 prototypes below:

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Nikon Z1 Entry-level Z-mount Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Leaked Image ?

Update: This Nikon Z1 is just one of the Nikon Z6/Z7 prototypes.

Japanese website Nikkei has just leaked a image that could be the upcoming entry-level Nikon Z-mount full frame mirrorless camera. This leaked camera is called Nikon Z1. You can see the leaked image above. Like Canon EOS RP, Nikon Z1 will be the entry-level full frame mirrorless camera price around $1,300.

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Nikon Confirmed New (Entry-level ?) Z-mount Mirrorless Camera Coming Soon !

A reader just sent us about some info about Nikon’s upcoming product. He met Nikon China’s Igawa Yuxi at CP+, Igawa Yuxi said that Nikon will soon announce a new Z-mount mirrorless camera for most photographers (Nikon Z5). He didn’t say whether this new Z-mount camera will be full frame or APS-C, maybe similar to Canon’s EOS RP (B&H Photo/Adorama/Amazon) (Entry-level full frame mirrorless camera). Stay tuned.

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