B&H Photo now Shipping Out D850 Cameras that was Pre-ordered on Late Day One (August 24)

nikon d850 in stock

Whether you believe it or not, B&H Photo Video is still shipping D850 cameras that was pre-ordered on Day One (August, 24th). Today, several readers who pre-ordered Nikon D850 cameras on August 24th just received shipping notification from B&H Photo Video. See below:

Mike: Ordered at ~4pm on 8/24. Just got B&H shipping notification today 10/29. 🙁

MyAdventures: FYI, I have placed order with B&H on 8/24 @ 6pm. I just got email notification with UPS tracking number.

Ben Johnson: FYI….in a chat the ONE piece of info I got out of B&H today, 29 Oct, is that their next shipment is due in Nov 8 and they’re still working on orders placed about 10am on 24 Aug. SMH.

And next shipment from B&H Photo is likely on November 8th. You can pre-order Nikon D850 cameras through these links: (AmazonB&H Photo VideoAdoramaFocus CameraHuppin’seGlobalCentralDigitalReveBay)

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via: Nikon D850 In Stock Tracker

  • Ben Johnson

    I believe it. It’s just totally unsat. What a disaster.

    • marymig

      If you never want to own a D850, order it from B&H

  • Rails to Fails

    So many people have gotten their cameras already who ordered well after pre-order who didn’t order from B&H. I had one shipped from Best Buy last week unfortunately they screwed up the shipping and it got sent back which I’m trying to deal with now. People who ordered on the 24th from B&H still don’t have any word, and plenty of people who ordered elsewhere have been using their cameras for weeks.

  • rocky gonet

    I wish I would have ordered from my local camera store instead of B&H.I would have had my camera by now